TEEMO Autonomous Driving Research Kit Toolchain – Connected Cloud Control Platform

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      In the field of autonomous driving, the challenges are complex and varied, requiring high precision and reliability, from hardware to algorithms demanding an exceptionally high standard. To meet market demands, we have introduced the TEEMO Cloud Control System Platform, aimed at simplifying operational processes and enhancing efficiency. This platform achieves convenience and practicality through a series of innovative features.

      The platform empowers developers to reach new heights. Operations management is efficient and straightforward, allowing developers to run autonomous driving algorithms within minutes, without the need for complicated operations, greatly accelerating response times.

      Path planning and map making are flexible and real-time; developers can remotely create detailed map data and understand deployment status through cloud-based software. Real-time data monitoring and analysis ensure that vehicle performance is always at its best, swiftly identifying potential issues.

      Moreover, with real-time data feedback and one-click software updates, products are iterated quickly, speeding up the iteration cycle and shortening experimental test times. Data visualization tools provide system monitoring and performance evaluation capabilities, enhancing development transparency, facilitating team collaboration, and decision-making.


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