Six-Axis Collaborative Robot BRTIRXZ0805A

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      The BRTIRXZ0805A is a testament to BORUNTE's commitment to innovation and excellence in robotics. Designed with a six-axis configuration, this collaborative robot (often referred to as a "cobot") is equipped with a drag-teaching function, allowing for intuitive and user-friendly programming. With a maximum load capacity of 5KG and an impressive arm length of 870mm, the BRTIRXZ0805A is perfectly suited for a wide array of applications within the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

      Key Features and Specifications

      • Drag-Teaching Function: The BRTIRXZ0805A's drag-teaching capability simplifies the programming process, enabling operators to guide the robot through the desired motion path with ease. This feature significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in traditional programming methods.

      • Collision Detection and Track Reproduction: Safety is paramount in any industrial environment. The BRTIRXZ0805A is equipped with advanced collision detection systems that ensure safe operation alongside human workers. Additionally, its track reproduction feature allows the robot to accurately repeat complex tasks with precision.

      • Safety and Efficiency: The BRTIRXZ0805A is designed to work in close proximity to human operators without the need for traditional safety barriers, thanks to its high-reliability torque sensor and collision detection function.

      • Intelligent and User-Friendly: The user interface of the BRTIRXZ0805A is intuitive, allowing for quick setup and operation. Its intelligent design makes it easy to integrate into existing workflows, enhancing overall productivity.

      • Flexibility and Lightweight Design: With a lightweight structure, the BRTIRXZ0805A is portable and can be easily repositioned to suit various tasks, making it an ideal solution for flexible production lines.

      • Economical and Reliable: The BRTIRXZ0805A offers a low initial investment and high cost-effectiveness. Its reliability is further enhanced by its low power consumption and robust construction.

      • Protection Grade IP54: Dust-proof and water-proof, the BRTIRXZ0805A is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, ensuring consistent performance over time.

      • Repeat Positioning Accuracy: With a repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm, the BRTIRXZ0805A guarantees precision in every operation, which is crucial for tasks such as assembly, packaging, and more.


      The BRTIRXZ0805A's versatility makes it an ideal choice for a multitude of applications, including but not limited to:

      • Product Packaging: The robot's precision and repeatability make it perfect for packaging tasks, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

      • Injection Molding: In the demanding environment of injection molding, the BRTIRXZ0805A can handle the loading and unloading of molds with accuracy and speed.

      • Assembly Operations: The six-axis collaborative robot can be utilized for intricate assembly tasks, reducing the risk of human error and increasing throughput.

      • Flexible Production Lines: Its adaptability allows the BRTIRXZ0805A to be integrated into high-density production lines, catering to the needs of flexible manufacturing.

      Why Choose BORUNTE as Your Six-Axis Collaborative Robot Supplier and Factory?

      BORUNTE's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the BRTIRXZ0805A. As a supplier and factory with a focus on innovation, BORUNTE offers:

      • Customization Services: BORUNTE is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its clients, offering customization options to tailor the BRTIRXZ0805A to specific applications.

      • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality control processes ensure that every BRTIRXZ0805A robot meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

      • Technical Support: BORUNTE provides comprehensive technical support to assist with the integration and operation of the BRTIRXZ0805A, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

      • After-Sales Service: With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, BORUNTE offers robust after-sales services to address any concerns or requirements post-purchase.


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