Shale inhibitor dosage and use recommendations

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      Shale inhibitors play a vital role in the oil and gas recovery process. The correct dosage and usage method can improve the effectiveness of shale inhibitors and ensure the smooth progress of oil and gas production. This article will explore dosage selection and usage recommendations for shale inhibitors to help readers better understand and apply this critical technology.

      1. Principles of dose selection

      Consider formation characteristics: Different formations have different requirements for shale inhibitors. When selecting the dosage, factors such as the porosity, permeability, and saturation of the formation should be fully considered to determine the appropriate dosage range.

      Consider the wellbore environment: The wellbore environment has a certain impact on the dispersion and stability of shale inhibitors. According to the temperature, pressure, pH value and other factors of the wellbore environment, the dosage is adjusted to ensure the effect of the inhibitor.

      Consider water quality characteristics: Factors such as water hardness, salinity, and impurities will also affect the effectiveness of shale inhibitors. According to water quality characteristics, adjust the dosage appropriately to achieve the best effect.

      Shale inhibitors

      2. Common dosage selection methods

      Several factors must be considered when determining the dosage of shale inhibitors, including geological conditions, drilling fluid system, operating temperature and pressure, etc. The ideal dosage should ensure sufficient inhibitory effect while avoiding unnecessary overdose, as excessive inhibitor may cause an increase in the viscosity of the drilling fluid, affecting its rheological properties and ability to carry cuttings.

      In the actual oil and gas production process, small-scale experiments can be carried out to observe the effects of different dosages. Based on test results, adjust dosage to achieve optimal results. .

      3. Suggestions for use

      Use strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions: different shale inhibitors have different characteristics and usage requirements. During use, you should carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use it correctly as required.

      Pay attention to dose moderation: too high or too low a dose may affect the effectiveness of the inhibitor. An appropriate dose range should be selected based on formation characteristics, wellbore environment and water quality characteristics, and timely adjustments should be made.

      Regular monitoring of effects: After using shale inhibitors, the effects should be regularly monitored, including formation fracturing effects, production changes, etc. If necessary, the dosage can be adjusted based on monitoring results to achieve optimal results.

      Be aware of compatibility with other chemicals: When using shale inhibitors, other chemicals may also be used. Attention should be paid to the compatibility between different chemicals to avoid adverse reactions or reduced inhibitory effects.

      Keep records and summaries: During use, records should be kept, including dosage selection, usage methods, effect monitoring, etc. And summarize the experience in time to provide reference for future applications.

      Dosage selection and usage recommendations for shale inhibitors are critical to successful oil and gas recovery. When selecting dosage, the formation characteristics, wellbore environment and water quality characteristics should be fully considered. Select the appropriate dosage range through empirical methods, laboratory testing methods, and field testing methods. During use, you should use it strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, pay attention to the moderation of dosage, monitor the effect regularly, and pay attention to compatibility with other chemicals. Keep records and summaries to provide reference for future applications. Through reasonable dosage selection and usage recommendations, the effectiveness of shale inhibitors can be improved and sustainable development of oil and gas production can be achieved.


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