Notes for the use of hollow capsules

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      The hollow capsule is composed of cap and body of two capsules made of medical gelatin and excipient. Mainly used to contain solid drugs, because it can cover up the odor of drugs, easy to swallow and other advantages, it is widely used in clinical practice. What should be noted when patients use capsules? In addition to being used to wrap drugs, capsules also have the following functions. The precautions for taking hollow capsules are as follows:

      1. Capsule can cover up the bitter taste and odor of medicine, eliminate the patient's unpleasant experience when taking. For example, most antibiotics have bitter tastes, including chloramphenicol, which is known for its bitter taste. When taken orally in this powder, most patients cannot afford it.

      2. Some drugs are easy to be destroyed in the stomach or have strong irritation to the stomach, and are often made into enteric capsules to ensure that the capsules are dissolved in the alkaline duodenum. If the capsule is removed and swallowed, it will reduce or even lose its efficacy, and increase the irritation to the stomach, and even cause gastric bleeding.

      3. The prescribed dose of drugs in the capsule is easy to remove the powder after stripping, resulting in inaccurate dosage, which is not conducive to treatment.

      4. Some capsules are slow-release capsules, must be swallowed completely, in order to make the drug release in a balanced dose, the best effect.If you peel the capsule. If the drug is poured out and taken, the sustained release characteristics of the capsule will be destroyed and the sustained release purpose will not be achieved.

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