Luofu Mountain Permanent Cemetery

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      Luofu Mountain Permanent Cemetery is a peaceful place where life can return to nature and where loved ones can rest in peace. It is not only a simple cemetery but also a spiritual home with humanistic care. Relatives who have passed away here will always be respected and cared for. The cemetery is located in Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, has a quiet environment, and is a rare pure land.

      Superior geographical environment

      Luofushan Cemetery is located in Guangdong Province, with a beautiful environment surrounded by mountains and rivers. The cemetery is located on a flat terrain with a wide view. More importantly, the landscape environment here is integrated with nature, allowing relatives to rest in this peaceful place and breathe together with nature.

      Humanity has a long history

      Luofu Mountain is one of the famous mountains in Lingnan and has rich historical and cultural heritage. It was once a place of cultivation for many historical, cultural and religious figures. Luofushan Cemetery respects traditional culture and inherits the culture of filial piety so that every deceased person can be respected.

      Service guarantee

      Luofushan Cemetery has an experienced service team that provides a full range of excellent services. Whether it is pre-sales consultation, tomb site selection, sacrificial services, or after-sales service, we will do our best.

      Management standard safety

      Luofushan Permanent Cemetery strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations and pays attention to the safety, hygiene and cleanliness of the cemetery area. We have a professional security team to ensure that the deceased can find eternal peace.

      Transparent and reasonable prices

      The price of Luofu Mountain Permanent Cemetery is transparent and reasonable, and the price standards are set in strict accordance with the regulations of relevant departments. We do not inflate prices or set up any hidden costs, so that customers can choose a cemetery without any pressure.

      Good Feng Shui

      Luofu Mountain is considered one of the geomantic treasures of Guangdong Province. Its unique topography, landforms and landscape make it an ideal place to rest your loved ones. In addition, Luofu Mountain is also rich in natural resources and provides a better natural environment for relatives buried here.

      Luofu Mountain Permanent Cemetery pays attention to the inheritance of traditional filial piety culture. Filial piety is one of the important moral concepts in traditional Chinese culture. Choosing a suitable home for deceased relatives is a manifestation of filial piety. Luofushan Cemetery provides a platform for relatives to rest in peace and to inherit the culture of filial piety. ‍

      Luofu Mountain

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