Features of All-Terrain Electric Off Road Mountain Bike

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      The electric bike industry is growing rapidly, with manufacturers pushing the boundaries of innovation. In this blog post, KIXIN will share the features of all-terrain electric off road mountain bike for sale. The Q3 is a perfect example of the perfect combination of performance and practicality, making it the best choice for adventurers and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

      Battery and Power:

      At the heart of the Q3 is a robust Li-ion battery with integrated BMS, offering a choice between 10AH/36V or 48V 7.5AH configurations. This power source not only ensures a maximum speed of 25km/h but also supports a remarkable range of up to 75km, contingent upon factors such as load, driving style, and terrain.

      Driving Modes:

      The Q3 is equipped with a 3-level PAS system, allowing riders to toggle between pedal-assist and pure electric modes. This flexibility caters to various riding preferences and conditions, providing a personalized experience tailored to the rider's needs.

      Innovative Design:

      The Q3 boasts an innovative 7-line structure that combines aesthetic appeal with technological prowess. Its adjustable seat is designed to accommodate riders of different heights, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of the user's stature.

      All-Terrain Electric Off Road Mountain Bike

      Shock Absorption:

      Designed to tackle diverse terrains, the Q3 features a multi-shock-absorbing design that promises a smooth ride even on the roughest of surfaces. This entry-level electric bike is set to exceed expectations with its resilience and adaptability.

      Safety and Convenience:

      Safety is paramount, and the Q3 is no exception. It is fitted with front and rear double disc brakes for optimal stopping power and 14-inch explosion-proof vacuum tires for enhanced grip and durability. Additionally, the bike is equipped with automatic sensing headlights and LED lights at the rear, ensuring visibility and safety during night rides.

      Technical Specifications:

      The Q3 is a powerhouse with a 250W powerful driving force motor, capable of tackling inclines up to 30°. Its aluminum alloy frame keeps the net weight to approximately 30kg, making it portable and easy to maneuver. The bike also supports quick folding, a feature that enhances its portability.

      Customer Support and Warranty:

      KIXIN offers a 1-year warranty for the entire vehicle, covering the motor, battery, and electronic control, excluding human damage. This commitment to after-sales service is a reflection of the manufacturer's confidence in the Q3's quality and durability.

      All-Terrain Electric Off Road Mountain Bike


      The Q3 all-terrain electric off-road mountain bike is a shining example of how technology can enhance the biking experience. With its powerful battery, versatile driving modes, innovative design, and robust safety features, it's set to redefine off-road biking for enthusiasts and casual riders alike. For those eager to experience the thrill of off-road biking with the aid of cutting-edge technology, the Q3 is the bike to beat. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of biking innovation.



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