Classification of mask making machines

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      At present, the common mask making machines on the market are divided into the following categories: automatic cup mask making machines, automatic N95 mask making machines, flat mask making machines, folding mask making machines, duckbill mask making machines, strap-on mask making machines, etc. Let's take a closer look at each mask making machine.

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      1. Automatic cup mask making machine
      (1) Brief description of the automatic cup mask making machine
      The automatic cup-shaped mask making machine is an automatic production equipment for the production of cup-shaped masks. This automatic cup-shaped mask making machine can automatically complete the shaping, pressing and trimming of cup-shaped masks with three or four layers of materials. It integrates multiple functions into one, directly The finished product is a single cup mask with high efficiency and labor saving. One person can operate three machines and can produce 8-12 cup masks per minute; the machine has stable performance, low noise, and can work continuously; PLC program control, advanced and intuitive ; Aluminum alloy structure, never rust; greatly save labor and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for the production of cup masks, anti-virus masks, N95 masks and other masks.
      (2) Features of automatic cup mask making machine
      a. The servo and constant temperature control system are adopted, and the material is controlled from entering → forming → welding → punching through PLC program control, and the whole production process is fully automated.
      b. The equipment only needs to be equipped with a fully automatic cup mask nose bridge strip ear band welding machine, and it can produce countless cup mask products that are sold in the market.
      c. The products are exquisitely made, and their quality fully meets or exceeds domestic and foreign testing standards. At the same time, it saves more than 30% of the previous market mask equipment. So as to achieve a real sense of reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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      2. Fully automatic N95 mask making machine
      (1) Definition of fully automatic N95 mask making machine
      The automatic N95 mask making machine refers to a series of flat and three-dimensional mask making machines that use N95 non-woven materials as raw materials and can produce N95 masks.
      (2) Features of the fully automatic N95 mask making machine
      a. The machine is small in size and occupies a small area. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust;
      b. PLC touch screen control, advanced technology, stable and reliable;
      c. Photoelectric detection, high reliability, good welding effect, low failure rate;
      d. Friendly human-computer interaction interface, alarms for equipment abnormalities and material shortages, and screen guidance to quickly handle abnormalities;
      e. High degree of automation, convenient and quick operation and high production efficiency.

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      3. Flat mask making machine
      (1) Definition of flat face mask making machine
      The flat face mask making machine is also called the ultrasonic inner ear mask making machine. It adopts ultrasonic welding method. When the mask is moved to the processing position, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming micro-amplitude and high-frequency vibration on the ear belt, which is instantly converted into heat to melt the processing. After the ear band is glued or embedded inside the mask body, it is a processing procedure after the production of the inner ear mask. Only one operator is required to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask tray, and the subsequent actions will reach the finished product. Complete automatic operation by the device.
      (2) The working process of the plane mask making machine
      Work flow: (mask body) manual feeding → automatic ear strap feeding → ultrasonic ear strap welding → non-woven side strap feeding and edging → ultrasonic side strap welding → side strap cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveying Send out with device

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